Ariel Fashion

medium: watercolor, Ink

size: 11x14 inches

date: 02/23/18

My first Disney feature movie is The Little Mermaid. I watched it when I first arrived in the United States, and without knowing English, I hadn't had a clue what the conversation was. The only thing I knew is the music part and the Ariel's beautiful song.

This shot is the most special moment for me. It made me believe she could really make Eric kissed her. Ariel has all her friends helping her, and the story would end shortly. But it didn't happen...

In the painting, I ended up playing more with the detail of her outfit. It took me some times to finish it.


Step by step

Sketch/draft--> colored the face --> colored the shadow of her hair

I put very tint layer of the colors in each section, and dived into some details like hairs and texture of the cloth.

Added more detail on her blue top --> added background color --> went back to details on her outfit

Worked on background leaves after it's a bit dry, and added some finish touch to it.

11"x 14"art print and 4" x 6" postcards are available at coming up events




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