Goldie's One day Outdoor shooting in San Francisco!

Goldie will be surrounded by luck of the year! 2018 Dog Year 旺旺!

Goldie was lying down in teared papers from firecrackers. Goldie thought he was modeling for Ninagawa Mika! ≧◡≦

Goldie arrived at Chinatown in San Francisco at noon. There were lots of tourists. They came to experience Chinese New Year.

Goldie had lunch at a restaurant called "Yuet Yee." The waitress added a 20% tips on the bill for herself. ( °□° )||| Goldie let it go, because it was the first day of the year (大年初一)!

Goldie stopped by Fisherman's Wharf in the afternoon.

The afternoon sun had a tender tone.

Goldie couldn't decide which picture is his favorite one...

While he was thinking...

Goldie did not know where he was...





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