My first 3 Wool Felt Animals! (Epic Fail)

(my third attempt: Golding from Animal Crossing)

Oh gosh, it's going to be embarrassing to post this, but my friends urge me to do so. I'm sharing my first three wool felt animals that I did during the past few weekends, and yup, I've underestimated by how easy people do on YouTube channel! (Ah! Nothing is easy!) ◤(¬‿¬)◥

Wool craft is a fun project that you can either do it alone or with some girlfriends. It is a continuous motion of poking a special needle (felt needle) into the wool to make it firm and strong. During the process, keeping it in a particular shape and size needs a lot of practice.

The motion of stabbing is very meditating. It is addicting to see the needle being inserted and got pulled out quickly. It also makes your mind dream around until you accidently poked yourself hard and the middle finger starts to bleed... ∑(゜Д゜;) It pulls you back to reality and you look down to see what a disaster you have created. You will look at it and started smiling at what you have done. "Wow, that look nothing like the photos, it's so distorted and yet, so CUTE!!" (≧V≦*)/

(my second attempt: Gigi, the cat from Ghibli)

When you finished one, you will want to challenge another one. You will want to do more! What a crafty weekend! That's what I did. Hopefully I can master it by the end of the year.

The next one I want to do is

Totoro.... ≖‿≖

Stay tuned for the epic fail (kekekeke)...




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