Sexy Pink Corset on Valentine's Day

Updated: May 23, 2018

medium: watercolor, gouache, pencil, micopen (0.25 mm, black)

size: 11x15 inches

date: 02/14/18

The original painting is now available on my etsy shop.

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Sexy pink corset for Valentine's Day!

Several weeks ago I painted a lolita girl (on the right) but I didn't like it that much. Her eyes are too far apart, and I rush through the dress and the frames. I wanted to let it go, but since I really like this pose, I decided to redraw it.

I flip the paper over and draw on the back. Most of my original drawings are two sided. The watercolor papers have been so expensive, I established this bad habit and is now hard to get rid of...


How was everyone's Valentine's Day (2018)? Instead of going to a restaurant and be romantic, my husband and I decided to stay home and watch drama. All the romantic date will be on the next day, and we call it the Post Valentine's Day.

I remember on our first Valentine back in 2007, we went to the restaurant I've been wanting to try for a long time. We arrived early, and got our seats. They were having a special menu for the romantic day. But not until we settled down, we found out that three special meals were our only choices. The place was packed with couples, and meals were more expensive than usual. At the end, it was not even that tasty! We were so disappointed.

So we came up to a conclusion, "everyday is valentine's day!" And if you really want to make it special, do it on the next day. And that is what we are doing today, we are going to have a Korean BBQ that we recently discovered. Oh yay!




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