Sweets, Stress, and Beauty

Updated: May 23, 2018

medium: watercolor

size: 9x12 inches

date: 03/13/18

I don't smoke, but I had to admit that I found it attractive to see a beauty smoking. We all know smoking is bad, so why do they smoke? My mother is a beautiful woman and she smoked when I was in college. She could call quit whenever she wants to not like other smokers who's addicted to it. I asked her why she did she do that.

"It is like you can see your pressure being relieved when I see the smoke being exhaled."

I have mixed feeling when I see celebrities smoke. I like to assume that reason behind is always complicated. It makes everything more romantic.

The illustration portrays the stress of resistance of sweets. The model is trapped by being a beauty. What a shallow interpretation!


Step by step

Rough Sketch

draft final

base color

first layer

work on details

paint and check color/tones/shadow




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