Wool Felt Animal: Totoro

(my fourth attempt: Blue/Medium Totoro from Ghibli)

After 3 Epic fails of my wool felt needle work, I continue to challenge myself

Below is the step by step:

First, find images that best represent front/back/three quarter view of Totoro, and draw the actual size of your final on your paper.

*Tips: Don't draw it too big otherwise you will need lots of wool!

Base/Body: Grab a size of wool for the body. I ran out of blue wool so I used a white one. It will be covered by blue wool later.

Like this ▼

Second, work on small parts: ears, tails, hands, and feet (optional).

Third: put all parts together. A lot of YouTuber cut holes to put the parts in. It is more secure. However, I have attached them on it by regular poking action. I did it this way because it would be easier for me to fix the position. But after I attached them to the right spot, I will add a thin layer of wool around it to secure it. So far my Totoro Stays strong...

Last, work on the eye, nose, and marks on its belly.




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